About us

UniqueSec AB is an innovative company, based in Gothenburg, Sweden. We design and develop systems and solutions for verification of autonomous vehicles and driver assistance system (ADAS) by testing  automotive radars.
Test and validation of autonomous vehicles is a vast endeavor in the real world that requires massive cost and enormous resources to cover all hazardous scenarios. With ASGARD invented by UniqueSec, a safe, reliable, cost effective and scalable in-lab test becomes achievable for all automakers and suppliers Tier-1 &2. This leading technology has a profound impact on the testing and validation of autonomous cars.

Our story

We originally focused on advanced signal processing algorithms for small-scale radars in various applications such as level measurement, distance and speed measurement, presence detection, outdoor surveillance, and object classification. However, evaluating our radar solutions in the adverse weather of winters in Sweden was difficult and this sparked the need for an in-lab testing system for radars that is capable of generating virtual targets in spectrum domain. The first prototype for ASGARD was created to meet this need and its patent application was approved within nine months due to its unique and unorthodox method. ASGARD changed the focus of the company to the development of technology for automotive radar testing.

Partners and Collaborators

We work to find solutions that are more reliable, more convenient, and more trustworthy for our customers. To do this, we have partnered with industry players Siemens, TOYO, and Chalmers.
Siemens have a fantastic environment simulator called PreScan that provides a close to real-world perception of the environment. We partner with Siemens for the integration of the environment simulator into ASGARD to enable our customers to have the highest performing perception of reality.
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TOYO is a leading company in measurement technologies that supports innovation. They develop original or customized products to create optimal solutions to fit customers’ needs. TOYO is our exclusive sales representative in Japan.
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We have been collaborating closely in different research activities and we are members of the GigaHertz-Chaseon Bridge Center. The Center includes 16 partners that work together to meet the long-term industrial needs within the areas of antenna, microwave, and terahertz.


We believe in the value of cooperation and the exchange of expertise between organisations to raise the standard of automotive radar testing. See our memberships below.


As members of IEEE SA, we are currently part of a standard development process.

Our CTO Fahimeh Rafieinia is the Chair of the Working Group IEEE SA P3116. The long-term objective of the Working Group is to provide a standard for authorities, third party testing facilities, vehicle manufacturers and radar manufacturers to measure performance and verify the functionality of automotive radars for ADAS and ADS.

You can learn more about P3116 by clicking the button below.


Join the team

UniqueSec is looking for engineers with great analytical and problem-solving skills who want to develop high-end technologies for testing and verification of radars for self-driving cars!
We offer a unique opportunity for you to solve challenging problems within this area, learn new things everyday and have your pioneering work appear in the most innovative of products. The working environment is friendly and agile. 
If you are interested in joining the Uniquesec team, don't wait to submit your application below.