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Explore our two fundamental innovations:
  • ASGARD1, with award-winning frequency-based target simulation
  • ASGARD2, with near-field MIMO-based angular simulation


ASGARD1 is an award-winning frequency-domain target simulator able to generate the signature of close targets and point clouds of more than 200 moving targets. Its scalability allows for up to 256 targets to be added.

Minimal target distance

Generate target signatures at an almost-zero minimum distance.

Real-time operation

Take advantage of the real-time operation suitable for HIL/VIL testing applications.

Large dynamic range

Utilize the large dynamic range for the simulation of targets with different RCS values. 


With near-field MIMO-based angular simulation, ASGARD2 can operate in near-field in a small chamber with 50cm dimensions.

The technology requires a limited number of antennas and is upgradable and future-proof, able to support the next generation of radars. ASGARD2 covers the full field-of-view of radar without the need for any mechanical movement in the test setup.

Full field-of-view

Cover the full field-of-view of radar without the need for mechanical movement in the test setup.


Easily adapt to the polarization of radar antennas. Support various radars including imaging radars.

High angular resolution

Take advantage of angular resolution that is always better than radar.


Uniquesec's patented ASGARD2 technology is a revolutionary automotive radar target simulator. It is based on our award-winning frequency-domain target simulator, ASGARD1.


Frequency-domain target simulation enables targets at almost-zero minimum distance, real-time operation, and large dynamic range.

Near-field MIMO

Near-field MIMO-based angular simulation covers full field-of-view, provides angular resolution, and is upgradable and future-proof.


Interface to Environment simulator softwares over Ethernet. The technology is integrated with a variety of different environment simulators such as IPG CarMaker and PreScan from Siemens. 

Synchronized data

Synchronized logging of data from radar and ASGARD for easy evaluation of the radar. 


Use cases

Explore the use cases for the only radar target simulator that fits all applications:

  • Radar development testing
  • Radar-based safety function testing (AEB, ACC, ...)
  • End of line calibration for radar manufacturers
  • End of line test and calibration in vehicle manufacturers
  • Training/testing annotated data generation for AI and ML used in autonomous vehicles and radars
  • Whole vehicle testing in the loop
  • Radar performance analysis under interference
  • Sensor fusion verification


What the judges said

“This new approach from Uniquesec for generating radar target signatures by manipulating the spectrum of radar signal was deemed to be highly unique and innovative for testing radars or radar-based advanced drive assistance and safety systems.”

Success story

We worked with Toyota Motor Europe on a project to use ASGARD for integration in HIL, including the environment simulator CarMaker. Check out the video to see more about what we did. 

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