Radar testing without compromise
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Automated Signature Generator for Automotive Radar Verification

Uniquesec's patented ASGARD2 technology is a revolutionary automotive radar target simulator. It is based on the award-winning frequency-domain target simulator, ASGARD1. 
ASGARD2 is the best and first in class automotive radar target simulator, capable of creating the perception of a target's angle completely electronically using MIMO. This enables very rich and complicated traffic scenarios to be generated for the radar-under-test without the need for a large number of antennas.

Near-field operation

Operate in near-field in a small chamber with 50 cm dimensions.

Form factor

Utilize the small factor that is suitable for labs, End-of-Line (EoL) testing and workshops.

Full field-of-view

Cover the full field-of-view of radar without the need for mechanical movement in the test setup.


Easily adapt to the polarization and the number of radar antennas.

Angular resolution

Take advantage of angular resolution that is always better than radar.


Support the next generation of radars with ASGARD2's upgradable and future-proof technology.

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