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Evaluate radar sensors, driver assistance systems, and autonomous driving in-lab with our award-winning, patented technology.
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What we offer

We provide a complete solution for testing automotive radars in-lab and over-the-air (OTA). Thus, the need for millions of miles of driving expeditions can be dramatically reduced while safety, accuracy, and sustainability is increased.
With our innovations, AD and ADAS systems can be tested in extreme, dangerous and rare scenarios. 
The technology enables vehicle manufacturers and radar makers to reduce their time to market by easier and shorter validation. It also benefits End-of-line testing, inspection services and workshop testing facilities and authorities. 

Frequency-Domain Radar Target Simulation Technology

Watch the video to learn more about the award-winning ASGARD1 system for frequency-based target simulation. With this technology, the radar targets are simulated using their frequency signature rather than time delays which makes it a flexible way of testing radar in complicated automotive scenarios.


Use revolutionary technology to test radars under realistic conditions for their performance, availability, and reliability.


ASGARD's award-winning, patented technology allows in-lab testing of radars for their performance, availability and reliability under realistic conditions. The system sits in front of the vehicle or radar under test and emulates electromagnetic emissions analogous to real-scenario radar reflections. Its scalability allows for targets to be added up to a total of 256 without additional hardware.


Uniquesec's patented ASGARD2 technology is a revolutionary automotive radar target simulator. It uses a MIMO-based angular simulation and is the first compact radar target simulator that is capable of emulating the angle of virtual targets completely electronically in the near-field of radar. It has been designed and built to be completely scalable and future-proof to suit radars with different number of antennas.

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