A new order for Uniquesec's ASGARD2 automotive radar target simulator for emerging Asian market

June 14, 2023

Uniquesec received a new order for its strategic product, ASGARD2, for testing of radars in a vehicle-in-the-loop setup. The new test bench would be one of the highest performance over-the-air radar verification platforms. 


Successful presence in Asian market

Uniquesec AB, the Swedish startup based in Gothenburg, launched its first ASGARD1 in 2018. Later in 2020, Uniquesec launched its next product ASGARD2, as the only automotive RTS with electronic angle perception generation feature.

One of the main advantage of this setup is the real-time behaviour of the whole system, including ASGARD2, enabling high and low speed testings. Another major benefit of ASGARD2 radar test system is its capability of emulating targets at short minimum distances which together with capability of generating a dense point cloud of targets, allow emulation of complicated and busy traffic scenarios.

Uniquesec CEO, Dr. Kasra Haghighi believes that use of ASGARD2 will dramatically reduce driving expeditions and test driving required for testing and validation of ADAS and AVs. This will shorten time-to-market, cost of development and CO2 emission of such developments, which allow for sustainable and green development of current and future autonomous vehicles.





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