Uniquesec AB filed its second patent application

NOVEMBER 12, 2015
Uniquesec AB has filed its second patent application in the area of automotive radars testing.

Following its strategic path of developing new technologies and know-how in the area radar signal processing, Uniquesec AB filed its second patent application.

By emergence of a huge demand for automotive radars for safe, assisted and autonomous vehicles, their test, verification and certification is a major challenge. In this filed invention, Uniquesec AB addresses this challenge by creating a system which generates traffic scenarios and verifies vehicles’ reaction, in a reproducible fashion. This will ensure that safety and autonomy of radar-based systems are tested under all, even difficult and dangerous, situations. This invention can be used by several interested parties such as:

  • automotive manufacturers,
  • road and traffic administrations,
  • standardization authorities,
  • certification bodies.
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