Industriarmatur and Uniquesec collaboration

APRIL 06, 2016
Industriarmatur and Uniquesec are collaborating on radar for IoT.

Industriarmatur AB and Uniquesec AB has initiated a collaboration for level measurement based on Uniquesec´s radar technology and Industriarmatur's IoT-platform.

Industriarmatur's IoT platform is an end-to-end solution where we deliver both the sensor technology and the platform for data collection.

Uniquesec is expert in radar and signal processing solutions for applications in a variety of areas.

Industriarmatur will, through cooperation with Uniquesec, be able to extend existing LevelWatcher product line of battery operated sensors with additional models to meet current and future customer requirements for cost-effective IoT-based level measurement.

The partnership will offer customers in new segments level measurement and we are also looking at ATEX classification of products based on the new platform.

Products based on the new platform are planned for launch in the autumn 2016.


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