The Radar Development Platform for FMCW radars

MARCH 14, 2016
Uniquesec AB haS launched its Radar Development Platform for FMCW radars.

Uniquesec AB in close collabration with Avilar AB and Frontside AB, developed and launched its first multi-pupose Radar Development Platform (RDP) for FMCW radars. This platform enables Uniquesec AB to rapidly develop and deploy advanced signal processing algorithms and systems in real-world applications. It will be used in different stages of development including signal acquisition, prototyping, outdoor deployment and debugging. It supports three different FMCW radar modules with different beam angles and mono-pulse. It shortens time-to-market by providing near-product platform, which has many features including:

  • Strong ARM Cortex-M4f processor
  • Micro-SD slot for real-time signal (or result) recording
  • RTC battery backup for real-time label on recorded signals
  • Many different communication capabilities such as serial, bluetooth, Wifi, Zigbee
  • USB port for power and communication
  • Low-noise power supply, which supports different supply voltages
  • Up to 4 channel simultaneous ADC
  • Arduino compatible header for Arduino shields support
  • Battery operation

The affordable design of the RDP enables it to be deployed as an end product in small-sized markets.



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