We help you apply the state-of-the-art radar technology right to your specific application. Radars came to sense the world in a variety of applications including distance measurement, monitoring respiration, presence detection, speed measurement, outdoor surveillance and object classification.

We also help you test and verify your radar products and signal processing algorithms efficiently and easily using our innovative in-lab solution.

What we offer?

  • Consulting on the applicability of radar to your case
  • Establishing setups for radar measurement, i.e. acquiring radar signal, as well as reference measurement
  • Developing advanced signal processing algorithms for processing of raw data from radar in order to provide you with particular information you need, for example type of an object, its distance, speed of movement, trajectory, type of object and etc.

  • Developing communication setup to send your desired information through cellular network, internet or LoRa so that you can monitor the situation
  • Finally, delivering a totally standalone hardware so that radar measurement can be done independently

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