Radar Development Platform

RDP1 is a development platform which allows users to develop their own signal processing algorithms for various radar applications such as

  • Distance/level measurement
  • Speed measurement
  • Detection of direction of movement
  • Presence detection
  • Angle of arrival measurement
  • Micro-Doppler signature analysis.
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RDP1 supports three radar modules with wide and narrow beam as well as two-beam antennas which adds to its flexibility.

Wide beam front-end

  • 45° x 38° patch antenna
  • Distance, speed, direction

Narrow beam front-end

  • 11° x 11° patch antenna
  • Distance, speed, direction

Two-beam front-end

  • 55° x 27° patch antenna
  • Angle, distance, speed


Block diagram



  • 24 GHz RF Front-end
  • Support for three radar modules with different specifications
  • Support for CW, FMCW and FSK Mbed compatible ARM Cortex M4F MCU
  • 1 MB flash and 256 KB RAM
  • Micro-SD memory slot for data logging
  • External clock for appending time labels on recorded data
  • Back-up battery for RTC
  • Support for thee different voltage levels for power-up
  • Extremely low-noise onboard power supply
  • Battery-operated

  • Two 3.3 V and 5 V DC out
  • Very low-noise amplification
  • Digitally selectable amplification gain control (three differentgain levels) for I/Q signals
  • Micro-USB port
  • Multiple serial interfaces
  • I2C and SPI interfaces
  • JTAG-SWD interface for programming and debugging
  • Compatible with bluetooth and WiFi breakout boards and LoRa
  • Support for connection to LCD
  • Circular shape with compact size of 9 cm diameter

Possibilities with RDP1

The MCU of RDP1 is initially programmed with a sample application. The detection results are available on serial port, which the user can use for display on LCD or to send through WiFi, GSM, Bluetooth or even LoRa. Radar parameters can be set directly from Matlab and algorithm development is possible in mbed environment.

RDP1 could be deployed in real-world without the need for PC connection. Micro-SD on RDP1 enables recording of time- stamped data for later processing.

The user is also free to choose among three radar modules with different specifications depending on application requirements.

  • Development of signal processing algorithms for own applications

  • Deployment of radars in real-world applications without PC connection

  • Radar data logging

  • Practical study and analysis of radar principles with educational purposes

RDP1 Board

  • Including a mounted radar of customer’s choice

Software Package
A set of source codes and applications for running the product, including

  • RDP1 board enabler C++ source code for mbed
  • Mbed library for RDP1
  • C++ source code for interfacing RDP1 with Matlab
  • Sample application for speed measurement
  • Sample source code for data acquisition in Matlab

User Manual

Power Facilities

  • Including 9 V battery connector


  • Serial to USB for communication with PC
  • Micro-USB to USB cable

Programming Equipment
Additional boards and cables to program the board

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