Automated Scenario Generator for Automotive Radar Verification

ASGARD1 is a unique radar test and verification solution which provides in-lab facility to evaluate radar sensors, driver assistance systems and autonomous driving for their performance, availability and reliability. The system sits in front of the vehicle or radar under test and emulates electromagnetic emissions analogous to real-scenario radar reflections. Due to the HIL/VIL setup, scenario signature updates in response to VUT in order to simulate the experience of driving expeditions more realistically.

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  • Test solution based on real hardware/vehicle in the loop (HIL/VIL) setup
  • Reproducible test scenarios and access to ground truth
  • Specification of test scenarios through a GUI
  • Pre-recorded data base including signatures of thousands of radar targets and scenarios for automotive testing

  • Combining multiple of existing scenarios for creation of new test scenarios
  • Verification of multi-beam automotive radars
  • 24 GHz or 77 GHz RF front-end including a sub-system for obtaining radar signal parameters and antenna beam information

ASGARD1 is based on a patented technology and consists of an analytic signature generator, a data base of recorded signatures and an RF front-end. The user of the system can set different elements of test scenarios through a GUI. Scenarios can be set in details by specifying:

  • Number and types of vehicles, pedestrians and other road users
  • Road and traffic situations
  • Environment elements, e.g. rail guards, tress
  • Weather conditions

Signature generation in ASGARD1 is done either through analytical method or using a pre-recorded data base or both. This does not only cover a large number of test scenarios but also makes it possible to add more test scenarios through combination of existing data.

Verifying Safety Standards

Customised test suites e.g.

  • AEB (EuroNCAP)
  • ACC (ISO 15622)
  • FCW (ISO 15623)
  • Collision mitigation system (ISO 22839)

End-Of-Line Testing

  • Evaluation of radar-based automotive safety functions in separate packages
  • Validation of radar sensors
  • Verification of autonomous vehicles

Individual Test Suites

  • Test scenarios for algorithm development for ADAS (Advanced Driver Assistance Systems) and AD (Autonomous Driving)

Research and Development

  • Data generation for training of DNNs in automotive applications
  • Micro-motion signature generation for target identification applications

Calibration System

  • Adjustment of sensor Alignment

  • System for generating virtual radar signatures: SE538908C2
  • System for generating virtual radar signatures: US009575161B1
  • Testing method with virtual radar signatures for an automotive safety radar system: WO2017069695A1

The technology aims to replace long hours of driving expeditions with in-lab testing and adds the opportunity of repeating same test scenarios multiple times for radar, which is a definite need for development of radar-based systems and their reliability assessment.

ASGARD1 Automotive Radar Verification System

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